Module 2 – History and Culture of Abu Dhabi


This digital licensing program is designed to help the trainee tourist guides gain extensive and detailed knowledge about Abu Dhabi, learn and embed crucial soft skills including communication, presentation techniques and group management. These soft skills will help to build trainees’ confidence and enable them to succeed on the programme to be effective in their role. Managing a group of tourists and visitors is recognised by both tour operators and guides as challenging

Module Outline

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Delivering Cultural and Heritage Knowledge of Abu Dhabi to Visitors
  • Part 3: Using Storytelling to Engage Visitors
  • Part 4: Giving Visitors Information on Emirati Culture and Beliefs
  • Part 5: Imparting Knowledge on Emirati National Dress and Traditions
  • Part 6: Giving Visitors Information on the Late Sheikh Zayed and His Legacy
  • Part 7: Summary of Module 2 & Assignment

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, participants will be able to do the following:

  1. Understand the requirements of the Tourist Guide Programme and the assessment methodology
  2. Understand and explain their knowledge of the culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi to a broad mix of visitors
  3. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the historical and cultural context of a tour
  4. Demonstrate respect for the culture and beliefs of UAE nationals
  5. Revisit their knowledge of key items of national dress and understand their origins
  6. Use story telling skills to relay cultural and heritage information to visitors
  7. Provide detailed information about the late Sheikh Zayed and his legacy
  8. Talk to visitors about UAE traditional sports, food and traditions
  9. Promote Abu Dhabi in a positive and enchanting manner
  10. Understand and relay information to visitors about the Five Pillars of Islam ensuring that visitors are aware and empathetic with local events and beliefs
  11. Select and contextualise information for visitors
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