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1.1 Assignment

Write a review of a local bar, restaurant, or store on a site like Citysearch or Yelp. What did this process make you think about, and did it change what you thought you would write initially?

Post a comment on a local news story and follow any discussions that come from it, reporting on what happened.

What’s your Obama number? Using a rather loose definition of “friend” to show a weak link (i.e., meeting or seeing the person face-to-face, not simply as someone in a crowd), try to figure out if you are separated from President Obama by six degrees or less. (Hint: including your professors as part of your social network may help.) Share your story on how you arrived at your number. Now try the same thing to learn your Saddam Hussein number. What did you learn about which media profession lends itself to having important social hubs?

Find out if your college president or other notable local figure has or had a fake Twitter account, then see if they have a real one and when they got it, if they have one. Which has more followers? Would a fake Twitter account of you or your friends have the same impact as somebody famous? Why or why not?

Consider your Facebook account. Compare how many friends you have on Facebook and how many you keep in touch with on a daily basis, a weekly basis, or even less. How many “friends” have you never contacted or they contacted you? Compare your numbers and Facebook habits with those of classmates.


Social Media Strategy ppt.